Messner Mountain Museum at Castel Firmiano – Sigmundskron Castle

Castel Firmiano is an extensive castle and set of fortifications near Bolzano. The first historical mention of the castle, under the name Formicaria (later Formigar), dates back to AD 945. In the 12th century it was given to Ministeriales, who from then on were named the Firmian family. Around 1473 the Prince of Tyrol, Duke Sigismund the Rich, bought the castle, renamed it Sigmundskron Castle and had it developed to withstand firearms. Due to financial difficulties Sigmund had to pledge the castle soon afterwards.

In the following centuries the castle changed frequently its owners, and as a result the site fell increasingly into disrepair. In 1996 the castle passed into the possession of the Province of Bolzano. In the spring of 2003, Reinhold Messner was given a license for his long-planned mountain museum.

The fortress is an important political symbol in South Tyrol. In 1957, under the leadership of Silvius Magnago, the largest protest rally in the history of South Tyrol was held there. More than 30,000 people gathered in the castle to protest against the failure of the Paris Convention, demanding freedom for South Tyrol ("Freedom from Trento"). This resulted in the proclamation of the Autonomy of South Tyrol by the government in Rome.
Opening hours
MMM Firmian is open from the first Sunday in March to the third Sunday in November.
10 a.m. - 6 p.m. (doors close at 5 p.m.)
Closed on Thursdays
Messner Mountain Museum Firmiano

Castel Firmiano is now home to one of Reinhold Messner's mountain museums. The concept of these museums, comprising the MMM Firmiano, the MMM Juval, MMM Dolomites, MMM Ortles and MMM Ripa, is so far the largest and also only mountain museum concept of the world.

As the centrepiece of the Messner Mountain Museums, MMM Firmian in Sigmundskron Castle addresses the subject of man’s encounter with the mountains. In a setting dominated by the various peaks between the Schlern and the Texel range, the museum is spacious enough to be organised as an itinerary between the various works of art, installations and relics that it houses. The paths, stairs and towers lead visitors form the depths of the mountain, where their origins and exploitation are brought to life, and the religious significance of the peaks as an aid to orientation and a bridge to the beyond, to the history of mountaineering and the alpine tourist industry that we know today. Annual exhibitions are also held.

The MMM is neither intended as a mountaineering museum nor a museum featuring South Tyrol's mountains. It is intended to show the effect a mountain has on people. The "Enchanted Mountain" is the name Reinhold Messner has given to Sigmundskron Castle.

How to get from Hotel Eremita-Einsiedler to MMM Firmiano
take the MEBO (Bolzano-Merano highway), exit at Appiano and follow the signs to Bolzano, turn right towards Cornaiano, Castel Firmiano.

Address: Castel Firmiano, via Castel Firmiano, 53, 39100 Bolzano



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