Merano Racecourse

Merano Race

 The Merano Alto Adige Grand Prix is the undisputed highlight of the Merano racing season. It ranks among the most lucrative horseraces in Europe. The steeplechase bestows a place in history upon the victor, who must jump 24 hurdles along a course of 5,000 meters. 

Horses and jockeys alike interpret a script that is never quite attainable, in which successive twists culminate in a final mad dash to the finish line to the delight of filled-to-capacity grandstands. This wonderful and exciting event always manages to spark a fire in experts and laymen alike. The Grand Prix always brings an air of glory to the track and echoes of grandeur to the stands: elegance and a sense of fashion are the order of the day.

The flat and jump race meeting takes place during two days: on Saturday, when the prestigious Nation Prix- Crystal Cup international track and the Grand Hedges Prix take place, and on Sunday, when all of the spotlights are on the Meran Southtyrol Grand Prix, the most prestigious European jump race.

It’s a high level horseracing project that every year drawns to Meran horse lovers, the press and media from all over Europe. The galleries and the box, elegantly prepared for the occasion, can contain almost 12.000 guests; it all turns into an old-time fairy world, where elegance and worldliness are the main characters.

On both of those days, in the late morning, the racetrack opens its gates to the public, welcomed by red carpets and hostess, with high level gastronomy service and the preview of Merano WineFestival.

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