Merano 2000 - Panoramic Trail with Views of the Dolomite

This panoramic trail with far-reaching views of the Dolomites is an easy yet spectacular hike that leads from the summit station of the Merano 2000 Cable Car to the high-elevation Mittager Hütte mountain hut.
You walk from the hotel to the valley station of the cable car, which takes you in just 7 minutes up to 2000 meters right to the hiking area of Merano 2000. The trail runs from the mountain station Piffing along trail No. 3 past Waidmannalm and along the most beautiful part of the plateau to Mittager Hütte.

The walk from Piffing to Mittagerhütte takes about 2 hours and 10 minutes; the altitude differential is about 500 metres. It is also possible to take a leisurely hike from Piffing to Kirchsteiger Alm Alpine pasture and then take the lift up to Mittagerhütte.

For the return trip, there are some different options: a trail leads from Mittager Hütte mountain hut to Meranerhütte and Rotwandhütte and then to Piffing.

Along the way, there are several telescopes installed that afford spectacular views of the beautiful peaks of the Dolomites. Even the area around Mount Ortler and the Texel Mountains are visible from here.



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