Hiking in Merano

Water paths and challenging hiking tours

Due to its location and easy access to the public transport network our Eremita Hotel, the Camping Hermitage and Guesthouse Grafenstein (500 m) is an ideal starting point for walks, hikes and mountain tours in Merano.

Directly from the hotel-camping and Guesthouse you can reach many pleasant walks, such as the numerous water paths „Waalwege“ which usually are very comfortable, without significant slope and ideal for trips with children. Its special appeal is determined by the creeks along the varied paths, partly through orchards and meadows, partly through forested sections.

For the hikers, numerous challenging hiking tours deep in our unique high mountain landscape are waiting for you:
In the heart of the Meraner Land is located the 33,430 ha beautiful Texel Group Nature Park, the largest nature park in South Tyrol with its rich treasures of flora and fauna. To wander here and to establish a real relationship with the nature is a true gift.

Our hotel is located just 300 meters from the valley station of the hiking area Merano 2000 and you are free to move the starting point for walks in the mountains at 2000 m, which can be very comfortable especially in summer.
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Comfortable short trail to Goyen Castle

You start at the small Einsiedler church "Naifkapelle" and hike to the nearby valley station of Merano 2000 and continue on the path to Vernaun Castle. Here begins the “Schenner Waalweg” water path, that you have to follow for a while until you later change to the way nr 3 A and continue to Goyen Castle. From here it goes back on the road nr 18 ...

The “Passerschluchtenweg” Path

Experience the power of water really close to the action

At the upper reaches of the Passirio river, between S. Leonardo and Moso, an impressive path through the gorge.

To the Fragsburg-waterfall

The walk starts below the hotel, you cross the river and go further downhill to the right on the trail that firstly runs along the creek. Walk along the trail nr 2 B, which takes you to Labers Castle. At the castle, the route turns left on the „Idaweg“,through the orchards to the road „Labersstraße“.

Walking along the "Via dei Masi" in Val d'Ultimo

This path across historic farms of the valley is interesting both from a cultural and scenic point of view.

Well marked and some 100 m above the valley basin, the so called “Hoefeweg” (Via dei Masi, which means Farm Path) snakes its way along Val d’Ultimo. Follow the road in Pracupola to the signs “Ultner Hoefeweg” and follow these signs.

Starting from the lake in Pracupola, the path proceeds into the valley on the sunny side of the valley and ...

Walking to the "Knottnkino"

From the hotel-camping you start by car or by bus to Verano. Those hiking from the large parking site behind the “Grüner Baum” inn in Verano along path no. 12A, will soon get to a little fork. Here they turn left, hike further upwards and arrive to a special natural highlight: the so-called “Knottnkino”.

At an altitude of 1,465 m you will find South Tyrol’s only ...

Merano 2000 - Panoramic Trail with Views of the Dolomite

This panoramic trail with far-reaching views of the Dolomites is an easy yet spectacular hike that leads from the summit station of the Merano 2000 Cable Car to the high-elevation Mittager Hütte mountain hut. You walk from the hotel-camping to the valley station of the cable car, which takes you in just 7 minutes up to 2000 ...

Sissi’s Path

This evocative route leads through the Austrian Empress Elisabeth’s favorite spots in Merano. The charming Habsburg sovereign, affectionately nicknamed Sissi, absolutely loved Merano and came here several times in the second half of the nineteenth century for health treatments. This trail named in her honor leads to the city ...

The Scena “Waalweg”

Passing the valley station of the cable car Meran 2000, which can be reached easily walking from the hotel, walk about 150 mt. further up on the main road to Hafling, then turn left and follow the sign “Schenner Waalweg” ½ hrs. Once arrived at the “Schenner Waalweg” you go further till these signs: Moareben Tiefbrunn. Now it goes down to Scena. After the inn “Gasthof Tiefbrunn”, ...



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